Modern World Mathematics

Students often wonder what they can do with adegree in mathematics, because mathematics is often applied on the background. Even so, many of the theories and applications of great mathematicians of the past are nowadays easily implemented in software. Still, while it may seem that a lot of mathematics is not used in modern day society, it is still applicable in quite an extensive range of applications. That is why this year, we want to give the students a view of this wide range of applications, as mathematics is not only theoretical. In the modern era that we live in, mathematics is applied in every part of society: encryption, fluid dynamics, or even making predictions of the growth of a specific population.
For these reasons, this year's theme of the NWS will be: Modern World Mathematics. Participants of the symposium are given a peek of the fine arts of mathematics in modern-day society. The lectures and cases will therefore mainly focus on real life applications of mathematics.