About Donald van den Hoogenband and the workshop: Optimizing a Search Schedule

Itility is an IT consultancy company where IT engineers, software engineers, data scientists and project managers work together to deliver value to the customer. Donald van den Hoogenband is one of the 16 Data scientists at Itility.
After his masters Econometrics he wanted to apply his mathematical knowledge, learn more techniques and get a better understanding of IT - since to his point of view Math and IT often go hand-in-hand.
At Itility, all these goals came together, working on different challenging projects. In the workshop he will discuss some of these projects, and then dig deeper into one of the mathematical challenges. During the workshop you will get a data set, an algorithm and a challenge to solve a problem using the data and the algorithm.
A laptop is required for this workshop.

About Itility

We are a relatively small company but we offer work at large enterprises in the region. With and for our customers we innovate and improve their IT environments, making these run as smoothly as a factory. Our competencies: IT infrastructure, software, and analytics.

We think in building blocks and in assembling. Designing and implementing smart solutions is in our blood. It's in our DNA and in our values - our 5 core values spell out the Dutch word PILSI:
The P is for Passion: we have passion for IT and innovating.
The I is for "Inhoud" (Content): we know what we are talking about because we are not afraid to dive deep into the content while learning new things. We are always looking for in-depth material and knowledge.
The L is for "Leveren" (Deliver): we deliver tangible solutions to the customer that make them happy, that's what we go for.
The S is for "Samen" (Together): not working alone, but using each other's skills and knowledge to realize stronger solutions. We find each other outside working hours, whether it is for a night out, a LAN party or a hackathon.
The I is for Innovation: innovate every day and make things better, come up with new solutions and actually realize them during a deep dive.