Our Hosts

Aart Blokhuis

Most mathematics students from Eindhoven know Aart Blokhuis from courses such as Linear Algebra, Set Theory and Combinatorics, however he also teaches calculus to non mathematics students. Aside from teaching, he is also actively involved with research and enjoys working together, preferably with Belgians, Italians and Hungarians. In the past 35 years this collaboration has resulted in about 130 articles with 80 co-authors in total, 15 of which Hungarian. It should therefore not come as a surprise that Aart Blokhuis' so called Erdös number is as low as two. His field of research mainly consists of Discrete Mathematics in general and in particular Finite Geometry, a field of research that is mainly popular in Belgium, Italy and Hungary. As a result, he has visited Caserta (near Napels), Gent and Budapest many times.

Aart Blokhuis is also a member of the problem solving club ''O.P.Lossers''. This club has set its sights on solving problems that appear in the American Mathmetical Monthly. The O.P.Lossers have been around for about 45 years and for the first 20 years were under the divine guidance of former rector Jack van Lint. At the moment the club consists of four diehards, namely Wim Nuij (77 years old and still going strong), Henny Wilbrink (also a TU/e old-timer), Henk Hollman and their benjamin Aart Blokhuis himself (61 years young!). In his personal life, Aart Blokhuis is married to his Hungarian wife Ágnes Bene, and is the father of two grown up sons Alex and Arno.

Hans Sterk

Hans Sterk is a mathematics lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at TU/e and the vice program director of the Bachelor Applied Mathematics. He is also involved in TU/e's (mathematics) teacher training program of the Eindhoven School of Education (ESoE). He received his PhD in mathematics from the Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen (presently called Radboud Universiteit) and moved to Eindhoven after stays at Columbia University (New York, USA), the University of Utah (USA) and the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

His focus is on teaching mathematics students, mostly in the field of algebra and geometry, students in other programs (like architecture and computer science) and training students who wish to become mathematics teachers.

Researchwise he is interested in algebra, geometry, with emphasis on complex algebraic geometry, and in the backgrounds of mathematics teaching. Reading is one of his hobbies, and in particular he likes to read about the history of mathematics.