About the lecture: Cyber security meets mathematics.

In a world that is becoming more interconnected day-by-day, the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems receives increasing attention. At Deloitte, we see this reflected in a growing number of requests from our clients to help them innovate their cyber security detection and response.
One of the big challenges in cyber security is extracting useful insights from the large amounts of security-related data that is generated every day (for some organizations, terabytes per day). Traditional approaches such as signature- and ruled-based alerting are no longer enough to counter the growing professionalism of advanced persistent attackers. Manual analysis is also increasingly being phased out for automated analysis.
In this presentation, we discuss how data analytics can make an impact in cyber security. We cover supervised and unsupervised machine learning in particular. We also present practical examples of where we improved a client's cyber security.

About the speakers and Deloitte

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Peter van Nes studied Computer Science at TU Delft before joining Deloitte. Peter has a broad background from data analytics to attack & penetration tests. Peter is currently helping clients achieve successful security monitoring by combining data analytics and cyber security.
Hugo Ideler studied Computer Science at TU Eindhoven before joining Deloitte. Hugo has worked in various technical roles such as ethical hacker, red team specialist, and incident responder. More recently, Hugo is focusing on threat hunting and how to find the malicious needle in the haystack.